What does Creekside believe?
Who are the leaders at Creekside?
How can I serve at Creekside?
What is Baptism?
Who can be baptized?
Am I required to be baptized to be saved?

Throughout the year, Creekside Church offers our Explore classes.
Each class is held on a Sunday after the second service in the Cafe.
Explore Creekside is a one-time class that consists of lunch, meeting the Spiritual Leadership Team, and hearing about what we believe here at Creekside.
2022 Dates*
January 30th
May 1st
August 28th
November 6th

During Explore Baptism, you will learn what baptism is, the importance of baptism, how baptism is a picture of the gospel, and how to write your testimony for the baptism services here.
2022 Dates*
February 6th
May 29th
September 5th
*Dates subject to change. Explore Baptism may be done one-on-one with a pastor.
If you need childcare, please contact Nathan Davenport at nathan.davenport@creeksideak.com