What does Creekside believe?
Who are the leaders at Creekside?
How can I serve at Creekside?
What is Baptism?
Who can be baptized?
Am I required to be baptized to be saved?

Throughout the year, Creekside Church offers our Explore classes.
Each class is held on a Sunday after the second service in the Cafe.
Explore Creekside is a one-time class that consists of lunch, meeting the Spiritual Leadership Team, and hearing about what we believe here at Creekside.
During Explore Baptism, you will learn what baptism is, the importance of baptism, how baptism is a picture of the gospel, and how to write your testimony for the baptism services here. Check back for dates.
*Dates subject to change. Explore Baptism may be done one-on-one with a pastor.
If you need childcare, please contact the Office  at office@creeksideak.com