Summer Changes for Creekside Kids

Rainbow Room Changes

As of this past week, there is a new clarification for those who belong in the Rainbow Room vs Fireweed Room.

The Rainbow Room is for kids who are birth - 3 years old as of 10/1/2024.  
—If they turn 4 during the school year of 2024-2025, they will remain in the Rainbow Room until the summer promotion date in June 2025.  

—If they turn 4 before 10/1/2024, they will promote to the Fireweed Room (preschool & kindergarten) on June 30th.  

We are no longer allowing kids to move back and forth between the rooms.  We are also no longer allowing kids to move over as soon as they turn 4.  Our Wednesday night policy in the fall will match this, which will alleviate a lot of the confusion we are seeing.

For those that are in the Fireweed Room already (due to Wednesday night being different this past year) or the kids moved over right as they turned 4, those kids can continue to check into Fireweed.  

Fireweed is more structured with musical worship, lessons, prayer, and activities.  If your child is not potty trained, they are still welcome to join, but we are providing 2 bathroom breaks for kids (and of course, emergency runs to the bathroom).  If your child needs help in the stall or has a diaper issue, you will be called for help.

Fireweed Summer Changes

Those finishing Kindergarten can continue to be a part of the Fireweed class on Sunday mornings through June 23rd.  After VBS, when the 1st-5th grade classes resume on June 30th, those entering 1st grade will check into the 1st and 2nd grade group (Trees)!!

Trees and Mountain Changes

Those finishing 1st-5th grade are invited to sit with their families in the main auditorium for Sunday mornings, starting May 26th.  We will provide clipboards for the Sundays of May 26th-June 23rd.  After VBS, we will have a summer Sunday program for the 1st-5th graders during the service starting June 30th.

VBS: Entering 1st through 5th Grade & Volunteers' Kids

Sunday, June 23rd - Wednesday, June 26th we will be hosting an evening Vacation Bible School.  6-8:30 PM.  This is a time for kids to come, hear the Gospel, sing their hearts out to Jesus, do science experiments, and have fun!!  This year, those entering 1st grade through those entering 5th grade are able to attend.  The theme is 

Those who just finished 5th grade can sign up to volunteer!! 

Childcare for babies and toddlers will be provided for those volunteering.

A Fireweed VBS will be provided for those who are turning 4 by October 1st through those entering Kindergarten.  Only volunteers who are serving the week of VBS will be allowed to enroll their kids in that Fireweed VBS.  

Sign up here to volunteer and/or register your kids!!

Those Finishing 5th Grade

On Wednesday night (5/15), your 5th grader will check into Creekside Kids.  We will start our program with them and then we will pray a blessing over them.  Then we will take them down to the youth program at 7 PM.

Since they will then be a part of youth group, they do NOT need a sticker/parent to check them out.  Creekside Youth does take attendance and marks when kids arrive, but there is no official check in/out system like we use with the littles.

Your 5th grader can come to Creekside Kids on Sunday, 5/19.  On 5/22, they are welcome to join Creekside Youth at the Butte for their first summer hike.  There will be no more Sunday class for them after 5/19 and they can sign up to help at VBS this year!!

If you want your 5th grader to participate in Creekside Youth, please fill out the parental consent form ASAP :)  Click here :)    
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